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Hello There!

Let me tell you a little about myself.

Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, I was told from an early age by my mom to always "Do what you love". I found out very quickly that my love was for the arts and entertainment. I started as a nerdy choir kid until I stumbled upon theatre in middle school. I've been fostering my love of performing ever since. Since graduating high school and continuing my studies at Long Island University, I found new passions in physical theatre and stage combat. After graduating summa cum laude with my BFA in Musical Theatre, I am more determined than ever to cultivate all aspects of my artistry and continue to do what I love. 



As an Artist


I am a diligent and persistent worker that holds myself to high standards. I am an adaptable performer, and I love working with gritty material. I believe in telling every character’s story, even those that aren’t the most well-liked. I have been told by my peers that my work is professional and specific. I strive for my actions onstage as a performer and fight director to be intention-driven and truthful to the story being told. Above all, I have a deep respect for my fellow artists as human beings working together for something bigger than all of us.

In short, I can sing a song and kick some ass.

"She commands the respect of her fellow students through her tireless work ethic, compassionate conscience, rigorous artistry, and wry sense of humor."
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